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North american arms 22 magnum pug

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North American Arms Pug Review

Rimfire Revolvers. Ships to Store. Features and Benefits Single action with a 5-shot amwrican Built from stainless steel with a compact frame and a 1-inch barrel Oversize, pebble-textured grip is made of rubber XS Tritium night front sight and fixed rear sight Half-way notch cylinder Exposed hammer.

Specifications Handedness: Ambidextrous Grip: Rubber Product weight: Stainless steel Style: Revolver Magazine capacity: Chambered in. Unloaded, the gun weighs just 6.

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Puy overall height is love in musbury than 3 inches; its width is less than 1 inch.

Place it in the palm of your hand, make a fist, and the gun disappears. Those miniscule dimensions make things tough on engineers. For starters, the typical cylinder release button found on just about every double-action revolver on the planet was not an option.

There simply wasn't enough real estate on the Pug's compact frame for north american arms 22 magnum pug traditional release and the accompanying mechanical parts. Instead, the first step to load the cylinder requires pulling downward on the underlug and rotating it 90 degrees.

Review: North American Arms PUG - The Shooter's Log

This releases the cylinder pin, which can be removed to allow the cylinder to drop out into your hand. After reloading, the cylinder is reinserted into the frame, the pin is replaced, and the underlug is turned back into proper position.

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The author found the Pug's reloading process difficult at first but eventually grew accustomed. It sounds like a complicated system, and the first two or three times I loaded and unloaded the gun, I struggled.

I Am Wanting Nsa Sex North american arms 22 magnum pug

But mmagnum shooting half a dozen full cylinders, the system became almost second nature; pull down and rotate the lug, slide the pin out and the cylinder drops into your hand. You won't be pulling off any spectacular speed loads, but it's a simple and lesbians sex mom system that works well once you're acquainted with the mechanical steps.

Safety is also a concern with compact pocket pistols.

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If the firing pin is resting directly overtop the rim, a hard blow could cause an accidental discharge. To prevent this, NAA incorporated a "safety slot" into their cylinders, a narrow depression that firmly holds the firing pin in place. With the hammer in the safety slot, the only way that the gun north american arms 22 magnum pug be norgh is cocking the nirth. Placing the hammer in the safety slot takes a bit santa cruz sensual massage practice, and NAA wisely suggests that shooters practice the steps with an unloaded cylinder until they become proficient in the process.

Instead of a transfer-bar mechanism, the Pug features a safety slot. To make the handgun safe, the shooter places the front blade on the hammer in this slot. To fit the hammer in americam safety slot, pull the hammer back far enough that the cylinder releases, just past the half-cock position.

North american arms 22 magnum pug

With the cylinder freed, you need to align the hammer north american arms 22 magnum pug with the safety slot, which is located directly between the wider slots over the cylinders. With one cylinder on either side of the rear of the frame, the hammer is lowered and the trigger is depressed.

This allows the blade on the front of the hammer to slide down into the safety slot where it cannot.

To be certain it is located in the proper pgu, rotate the cylinder left and right just a bit. The hammer should keep the cylinder from moving if it is properly located in the safety slot.

North American Arms Magnum Pug WMR Revolver | Academy

Again, this mqgnum practice, and it's important to read every step in the manual carefully. But when the hammer is located within the slot, the Pug is a very safe gun because the hammer is locked between cylinders. You'll need to cock the hammer before firing, but this is one of the most secure safety north american arms 22 magnum pug, and it offers considerable peace of mind.

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The author found the Pug's grip to be minimalistic but effective at controlling the handguns recoil. The grip, which has sort of a modified teardrop profile, is more functional than comfortable.

There are no finger grooves, and it won't fit every contour of your hand, but finding a north american arms 22 magnum pug that helped anchor the Pug yet wasn't larger than the gun itself was another difficulty in the design of this ultra-compact pistol.

I think NAA came up with a good solution; the grip provided has a textured surface that helps control muzzle rise, and it's wide enough to offer a solid akerican on the gun without spoiling the less-is-more design aesthetic.

With a 1-inch barrel and an unloaded weight of less than 7 ounces, the Pug needs a stout leash. The included grip, though austere, works just fine.

I Look For Sexual Dating North american arms 22 magnum pug

The gun I tested had LaserLyte Mighty ;ug laser grips, which are made from glass-filled nylon and operate using three silver oxide batteries. The activation button is located on the front of north american arms 22 magnum pug grip, so the laser illuminates automatically when the gun is held in a firing position, and the Mighty Mouse will work with current NAA.

The Pug comes with a wide vee-shaped lug sight and a large white dot or tritium fiber front sight, both of which are dovetailed in place. Noticeably absent from the Pug is any kind of trigger guard, and the trigger itself is more of a serrated steel nub than a north american arms 22 magnum pug crescent. Because of the single action design and the safety slot that holds the hammer firmly in place, a guard was not necessary, and in fact it would be obtrusive on a gun this small.

The long, slightly curved hammer is easy to find north american arms 22 magnum pug manipulate, and I was surprised by the smooth mechanical operation ameican the Pug given its price point and diminutive size. Lockup was tight and positive. The gun's stainless exterior helps protect it from corrosion, which is critically important on a pocket pistol like this one which will likely be exposed to moisture on a daily basis.