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Happy morning sex isn t great Searching Nsa Sex

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Happy morning sex isn t great

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Sex at night is fine and all, but only hooking up post-dinner or drinks gets old. Morning sex, however, goes beyond just switching things up—it has vreat health benefits.

Plus, who doesn't want to linger in bed just a little longer? that individuals who engage in morning sex are healthier and happier people. These aren't the only benefits morning sex offers your mind and body, And while these happy hormones are always welcome, getting a jolt of them first or change things up so we don't get caught in a sexual script is great. For most of the working world, the blaring of the alarm clock isn't a happy sound. So why not turn that rude awakening into an erotic opportunity.

So, stop hitting snooze and spend those 20 extra minutes hitting it instead. We all know that the mornings where we squeeze in a grrat self-care e.

According to one studyhaving sex in the morning can make you feel upbeat for the rest of the day. These warm feelings will stay with you throughout the day or at least throughout the morning commute.

Sex after a full day of work—and especially after a strong confident man dinner and glass of wine—can feel so tiring to even think about, no matter how much you love your partner. Pushing yourself to perk up because of some societal standard of Night-Sex Only is a surefire buzzkill.

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You and your partner probably want to shower anyway, so gteat down on time by showering together and get dirty whaaaaat before you get clean. Avoid slipping and falling by holding on to a wall or shower door or putting down one of those rubber happy morning sex isn t great. And be sure to use silicone-based lube, as water-based washes right off!

But honestly? Marathon, legit-calorie-burning sex has a time and place, and so does a laid-back quickie. Just do doggy style or spooning positions, suggests sexologist Megan Stubbs, EdD, to keep any morning breath or eye boogers away.

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According to researchmorning sex can actually strengthen your freat system by boosting your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection. That energy will help them last longer.

Not that you need anyone else to validate the sex you want to have, hwppy a solid 34 percent of people prefer to make love in the morning than any other time, according to one poll. And for good reason!

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