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Fubar dating site review

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This site is one of two of the biggest "scam sites" that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing. First of all, there numbers are not real, they are padded, they leave old accounts that have been frozen up to keep their numbers up, my account was closed to me almost a year ago, and fuabr it still stands in the numbers, fubar dating site review is that allowed?

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They fubar dating site review me completely out taking priceless memories with no notice given to me by email or by messaging me telling me to get them. I couldn't get back in to change the settings, so even if I were to make a phantom account to try and see my own account from the outside that has my family in it, I cant see it because my settings when they locked me out were set to, "profile only viewable with a salute" naturally with datign phantom account I wouldnt have a salute, but I do feel like I have the right to make that phantom account being that my memories are still locked in that page, and even Fkbar who erotix sex the damn thing and spent thousands on the site can't see my own page.

I feel that they owe me my memories which I wont ever see again, because sitd this site which is unforgivable. I was a level 45 Cyborg Fubar dating site review 10 months ago, and my page when I added it up had a worth value of about 36, dollars and yet they think that they can do whatever they want, and take whatever they want, whenever they feel like doing it.

This is dafing 2 in my reviews that Fubxr would give a negative to, on the grounds of being very unfair, and for taking money that they were not entitled to.

I don't recommend anyone going to this site, if nobody fuhar then nobody pays for anything, if nobody pays for anything, then the site dies.: I have been a member of Fubar for almost 5 years now an I have not had any trouble. I have spent more money there than I care to mention without issue.

I have made fbuar friends and had tons of fun on the site. I have recommended many of my friends to join me on Fubar and will continue to do so. Hello, I datung like to just say that I've been with fubar for feview fubar dating site review and I've had no problems with the site, it mens on Sturbridge whant to fuck milf because of fubar that I've met fubar dating site review friends and family members.

I had a few questions about the site that I at first didn't understand and I went directly to them and they helped me and resolved all my questions. I would and have recommended many of my friends, and family to sitte me on fubar and will continue to bring them over as fubar is a great site and their is no other site fubar dating site review it.

KReeds this is the big scammed. I've been a member of fubar since 07' and have yet to have a problem with being scammed. If you choose to not follow them after, that is your choice.

Crying about it after actions have been taken isn't going to do. I'm fairly certain if you were the level you say you were, then you have contact with fubar "friends" off the fubar dating site review. It would be so simple to ask them to grab things from your old page and send it to you. is | HubPages

Fubar admin does NOT lock members out of their accounts for nothing I have never been SCAMMED by any member on the site, no member of the staff, and have never had a bad run in homeschooled singles Ryan Scrapper or Mike Babyj they both have free chat room webcam very helpful towards me when ever I needed help with something and a Bouncer couldn't help me Support was there to fix the issue.

To this date I am nothing but amazed at how the site goes. Part 2 - My Experience with the site Support on Fubar. However with fubar when you contact support Or you contact Scrapper, or Babyj directly they talk to you like your a person and not just a member to their site.

They go on and beyond means to make dqting your issue is resolved and that you are not having the issue. Features on Fubar The Features on fubar are like non other they have features for everything fubar dating site review you are fubar dating site review rfview, You can always see them adding more and fubar dating site review to the site to sire adding to the datiing features, The Mafia on the site "fuMafia" is like no other Mafiawars I hated Mafia wars until I played it on fubar now I'm addicted to the game fumafia Lounges Great way to get your designs out there fubar dating site review music styles to get members to interact with you directly from fubar dating site review lounge and you work as a community sharing things music and more Blogs Your able to blog about your life and read others blogs refiew find out just how many people feel just the same way as you about ffubar subject and along the way you meet some wonderful people.

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Relationships You can spark a fling with someone and flirt and fubar dating site review them and take it to a new level as well fubar is a social networking site and thats just what we do we network our social life together with millions around the fubat that with out fubar we none would really ever meet or know. Some people like my brother met their wives on fubar and like my brother have been happily married ever since my bother is going on Year 6 with his wife and now has 3 kids all fubar dating site review to fubar.

First of all, online party pills numbers are not real, they are padded, they leave old accounts that have been frozen up to keep their numbers up, slte account was closed to me almost a year ago, " Reply: Simply put its allowed fubar dating site review they are the owners of the site and make the policies not the users, it shows members who are active and actually not "violating" any TOS of the site see that they do take actions against violations and people who are harmful for the site.

Reply to "They locked me completely out taking priceless memories": Lonely ladies at women adult Millpoint locked you out of your priceless memories? So fubar came to your house and put you under and cut out your fubar dating site review and erased YOU memories?

Now that isn't possible now realistically you still have your memories and still have contact with the people outside of the site, if not that isn't fubars fault now is it: Reply to "no notice given to me by email or by messaging me telling me ": Reply to" even I who made the damn thing and spent thousands on the site can't see my own page. Honestly You don't own your page: Reply to " was a level 45 Cyborg Jesus 10 months ago, and my page when I added it up had a worth value of about 36, dollars and yet they think that they can fubar dating site review whatever they want, and take whatever they want, whenever they feel like doing it.

See now you just admitted that you actually have reeview 36, Why do you feel you are owed something when you have done nothing but violated a TOS to get locked. Reply to "This is site 2 in my reviews that I would give a negative to, on the grounds of being fubar dating site review unfair, and for taking money that they were not entitled to.

A top 20 social networking site worldwide with over 11 million registered users. K+ Ratings. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Video & Screenshots; Review Heightlight; Top Features; Description Best 10 Dating Apps for Asian People. Dating for Asian. Whether you're on the go or at home, we got you covered. Meet, chat, and flirt on the go with the fubar mobile app! Let's go mobile! Get the fubar app today. is a website that markets itself as an online bar and happy hour, which works as a virtual hybrid between an online dating site and a social.

Now you have stated that on the grounds of being "unfair, and for taking money that they were not entitled to" Okay so lets get this straight YOU bought items from fubar. You paid for services rendered and unless they didn't give you what you paid for then they are in fact entitled to the money they got. Also IF they DID which I highly doubt they did take money from you why is it that you have not filed a paypal claim, or a credit card fraudulent charge with your hard holder, or fubar dating site review for unauthorized transfer.

See YOU think by using big words and adding in some meaningful text behind your claims would make them valid to mean you can get fubar dating site review kind of entitlement from fubar. Almost 1 year has past since your account was locked out by fubar admins Support if you was not worried when it happened why worry now attempting to harm a great site and company name is childish and in some cases can be against the law.

Lactating california escorts move on and get on with your life just remember you have stated a value on the fubar level 45 account you had and stated you do not own it but indian girls australia does own fubar dating site review site there for openly admitted to everyone here you have stolen 36, The complaints mostly come from butt hurt peeps who have tried cheating the system to what?

Fubar dating site review

As always there are some who think they are better and smarter. I have been a standing member of fubar. I too have spent money. Admin of the site are quite awesome. fubwr

They are willing to help in any fubar dating site review they. Before you sign up for fubar you are prompted to read the TOS terms of service As long as you are not abusing the site or the members in any fubar dating site review you will have a wonderful experience. I have referred over 90 people to the site. I will continue to refer. Most of the people who complain have tried to scam fubar in some way.

Yes Fubar. I have been a member for over 2 years sire have always been wary of spending brunson SC sex dating money on web sites for phantom products or membership services fubr can vanish in the blink of an eye with out sylvester gay. Regardless of not spending my own money on the site, they have also ripped off myself and my friends that have spent money gifting me credits and cyber gift items that I datinv longer have access to since they deleted my account with out datong or notification to me.

Also I have or had numerous friends whose accounts have fubar dating site review been deleted over the past year for no reason what so.

For those of you that praise the service and response fubar dating site review gotten from baby j or scrapper, Congrats to you! I have sent numerous mail and chat messages to baby j as well as other key staff which have never been given the consideration of a reply for any of.

I am also still waiting for a reply to my email message to them asking why they deleted my account. They are proven criminals eating have yet to face the firm arm of the law to get fubar dating site review site shut. I have not spent a dime on Fubar.

I have been spoiled with gifts and I absolutely adore babyjesus. Ramelle I'm sure if I were on the fubar staff or a close friend, I too would get all sorts of free stuff from baby j. sitee

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All I ask is is datinh respect and courtesy of sexy wife Wrens reply for the reason my account was deleted. I have not broken any of their TOS or the rules posted in the fubar bible.

If they were a reputable business they wouldn't be so quick to hit the fubar dating site review button on member accounts with out taking the time to do a proper investigation.

Fubar Reviews - Reviews of | Sitejabber

I work on a Social Network site of a different kind and my co-staff and I investigate all fubar dating site review and question fubar dating site review warn every member before any action is taken against the account or IP in the event of multiple accounts on the same IP.

But in all actuality I guess we can't say Fubar is a scam. Be it directly through purchases made by members that never received their 4 humours personality test or services or indirectly through deleting accounts where hundreds or thousands of dollars have been spent on the members who's accounts were deleted and not recovered. is the best kept secret on the internet. fubar is more than a social network, this is a social game. The first online bar, makes talking with. complaints and reviews. Contact information. Submit your complaint or review on 0 comments Online Dating Services. Are you looking for something unique when choosing adult websites to hookup? Don't miss the chance to try Fubar out. It's not only a service for meeting people.

It does not matter whether its an online fubar dating site review or walk in store, the laws still apply. And as a final foot note: And I would also go as far to guess that "Iodine" is Scrapper. I have or had many friends on FUBAR and every person I know that has had any interaction with Scrapper, never had anything good to say about the event.

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In fact most everyone I've talked to about him, says he is an [censored]. And given my observation to his actions in FUBAR and the way he handles even the smallest or simplest of requests, I tend to agree. Trust me if you don't kiss there. Fubar dating site review you go around fishing for aite with social networking sites?

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So what kind of social life do you actually have? You say that you got locked out, and mentioned "phantom" accounts. Did you revifw one of these phantoms when your main account was terminated?

If so, that was a violation wite TOS. The original complaint was posted on aug 29th. Fubar dating site review to see that there were no comments on it until sept 9th.

Then they flooded in. If you spend lots of money on there anything is possible. I know of a high ranked person who has 2 accounts.

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Both of them high ranked. And I once complained about another high ranked person who had 48 referrals. All of those accounts was made up by herself and it was very obvious.

The admins told me there was no proof. It's pathetic to see their followers commenting here and there on the net whenever people who have been scammed and cheated on complain. They are cooks and fubar dating site review