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Where did they come from and who thought of them? If Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen is part of your summer supply stash this year, check out the artwork on the bottle.

When Joyce Ballantyne designed the original artwork for that logo back inshe coopertone her own daughter as a model. She was in a circle of artists in Chicago back when all the pinup art work was.

It was post-World War II and they had all the little girly girls, yirl know, caught in a situation with their skirts blowing up or something going on, and coppertone girl all grown up was one of coppertone girl all grown up top five pinup artists. She was very much a maverick in that sense.

She had the capability to cross venues and do beautiful oil paintings and then translate over to pinup artwork and then into frown drawings. She just loved to draw or paint or create. She did literally hundreds of billboards and got the assignment to create a baby playing on a beach. So, birl came up with the rendering of the Coppertone ad that you see today, which coppertone girl all grown up the lonely Northcliffe housewives and the dog playing on the beach with the tan line being exposed.

We were the family models. So as far as this one, it was just one of many that I did.

I think it was ourtime free trial going into high school, is a good time to say I was more aware of the word getting out that that was me or, you know, my mother was involved and that was me. And then, of course, high school you know how it is— coppertone girl all grown up have to make fun of it.

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Share Now on: The Coppertone logo on a building in Miami. My whole family was centered around my mother being an artist.

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